Dr. Francisco Delgado (2016-2018)

Dr. Francisco Delgado
Biomedical Engineering
Neural interfaces
[expand title=”Read more”]Francisco received his B.S. in biomedical engineering with a minor in mechanical systems design from Florida International University in Miami. After completion of his degree he moved to Gainesville to begin his doctoral research. In 2010 he joined the Epilepsy Research Lab under the leadership of Dr. Paul R. Carney; here Francisco garnered experience in the field of central nervous disorders and the tools and techniques used to study and treat them. During his tenure in the Epilepsy research lab he was awarded a prestigious CTSI TL1 fellowship, which supported his study of nanotechnological methods for the treatment of epilepsy. His work focused on the interplay of drug delivery technologies and disease, and he wrote his dissertation on the influence of tissue structure and delivery environments on treatment strategies for neurological diseases.

After graduating with his PhD, Francisco joined the Neural Prosthetics Research Lab under Dr. Kevin Otto as a postdoctoral fellow. His current research includes novel methods of stimulating and recording in the peripheral nervous system in vivo, and understanding the outcomes of these methods as they pertain to the restoration of function or improvement of learning. In the future, he hopes to extend this work to create novel technologies to interface with neurological tissues to treat disease, enhance function, and develop a better understanding of how the brain functions.[/expand]