Neuroprosthesis Development

Neuroprosthesis Development

Cortical Stimulation

Electrode array just prior to insertion into the auditory cortex (from Otto et al. Journal of Neural Engineering 2005).

Auditory Cortical Stimulation
We have used the auditory cortex as a development environment for neuroprosthesis development. Our findings demonstrate that the stimulation maps well to audition and evokes detailed behaviors.

The relative efficacy of alternative electrical stimulation waveforms (from Koivuniemi et al. IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering).

Study of Optimal Waveforms
It has previously been suggested that alternative, asymmetric waveforms may provide better efficacy for cortical stimulation. Our research has demonstrated that this is not the case. In this research project we evaluate various parameters of the electrical delivery including: pulse frequency, amplitude, and cortical depth.