Dr. James B. Graham (2016-2017)

Dr. James B. Graham
Biomedical Science
Neural tissue-device interfaces
[expand title=”Read more”]Dr. James B. Graham received his BA degree in biology from La Salle University in 1996 and his PhD degree in biomedical science with a double concentration in neuroscience and clinical translational science from the University of Florida in 2015.

From 2001 to 2010, he was a senior biological scientist at the University of Florida where he focused on various methods to analyze functional recovery in animal models of peripheral nerve injury. During his tenure in the department of pediatric neurology, he published several highly cited reports in well established peer reviewed scientific journals, was awarded a patent from the University of Florida Office of Technology and Licensing with his co inventor and mentor, Dr. David Muir, and was a vital leader and innovator in the development of several commercialized peripheral nerve regenerative components.

He is currently a Post-Doctoral Associate in the Neuro Prostheses Research Laboratory under the mentorship of Dr. Kevin J. Otto where his work focuses on developing and analyzing peripheral nerve electrical interfaces for sensory and motor applications of prosthetic devices. [/expand]