Min Yusufali (2018)

Minhal Yusufali (Min)
Masters Student
Biomedical Engineering

[expand title=”Read more”]Minhal Yusufali received his B.S. in Chemistry with an emphasis in biochemistry from the University of Florida in 2016. During his undergraduate program, he worked on neuroscience research under Drs. Kenneth Heilman and John Williamson. Later he joined Dr. Carlos Rinaldi’s lab to work on magnetically triggered drug release with magnetic composite nanocarriers (MCNCs) and completed his honors thesis.

Currently, Min is a graduate assistant for the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University and is pursuing a master’s in biomedical engineering. He works with both invasive and noninvasive neural interfaces under Drs. Kevin Otto and Janis Daly. Within NPR lab, he is interested in peripheral nerve regeneration, growth, and stimulation with the use of tissue-electrode interfaces. His individual work focuses on dip coating methods for polyimide with the goal of in vivo drug delivery to promote biocompatibility and axonal regeneration.